Diamond Lapping Compound

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Diamond Lapping Compounds are used on dies, molds, lapping plates, ceramic, electronic, carbide valve industry, precious & semiprecious stones, and many other applications that require a mirror finish and close tolerance. All Diamond Lapping Compounds are stocked in 18-gram syringes. We micronize diamond powder to sub micron level with extreme precision required for high-tech applications. We welcome new applicants for our Diamond Lapping Compounds and diamond powder. Braemar's research engineers will help you to find the most suitable Diamond Lapping Compounds for your unique application, or we will develop a new Diamond Lapping Compounds for your needs. At Braemar, manufacturing the highest quality products with the goal of satisfying our customers is our first priority.

Typical Applications
Polishing for final dimensions of molds and dies
Charging lapping plates and discs
Tool polishing
Honing fine edges on hard materials
Lapping seals

Diamond Lapping Compound Sizes in stock
Diamond Lapping Compound    # 1    18 gram syringe ivory color 0-2 microns
Diamond Lapping Compound    # 3    18 gram syringe yellow color 2-4 microns
Diamond Lapping Compound    # 6    18 gram syringe orange color 4-8 microns
Diamond Lapping Compound    # 9    18 gram syringe green color 8-12 microns
Diamond Lapping Compound    # 12  18 gram syringe aqua color 8-15 microns
Diamond Lapping Compound    # 20  18 gram syringe blue color 12-22 microns
Diamond Lapping Compound    # 30  18 gram syringe red color 22-36 microns
Diamond Lapping Compound    # 45  18 gram syringe brown color 36-45 microns
Diamond Lapping Compound    # 60  18 gram syringe purple color 54-80 microns