Super Bond Wheels
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Braemar's  CBN and Diamond Super Bond (SB)  grinding wheels will outlast conventional resin bonded wheels when grinding hard Thermal spray coatings used in today's Aerospace overhaul industry. Hard spray materials have challenged Braemar to develop a high temperature bond for Diamond and CBN wheels.  Our (SB) wheels have low wear and long life when grinding hard High Temperature Coatings.

Unlike resin bonded wheels, which wear when grinding hard spray materials and load when grinding  soft gummy parent materials, our SB wheels will grind both materials effectively.  You will find that our SB bond wheels can produce consistently good surface finishes without time consuming wheel dressing and wheel changes.  We can manufacture many sizes and styles to assist in your ID grinding applications.  Our SB wheels will  also grind the following materials, Inconel, Titanium, Hastalloy, Waspalloy, and many other superalloys.